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Patreon CEO shares his most epic failures

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Jack Conte, CEO of Patreon, talks about failures. Instead of focusing only on the one thing that is eventually successful, he talks about all his failures. About music videos, on which he spent half his fortune, but which were then unsuccessful and how he kept on trying and trying and trying. A really worth seeing talk. Thank you, Nils, for sharing this video on your blog!

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A successful day

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Today (or already yesterday at the time of publication of this article) was a quite successful day. 💪 I managed to convert my girlfriend to a Firefox and Bitwarden user. Since her computer was acting crazy and marked all downloaded files as viruses, we not only removed the McAfee antivirus program and activated Windows Defender instead, but also installed Firefox (even with uBlock Origin!). Now she can finally download and view PDF files again without any problems.

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Not Every Advice is Good Advice

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When I surf the Internet on my daily journey, I see a billion articles that want to show me how I can optimize my life, how I can become more successful, how I can be one of the top 1%. And even if I read some of them and think that they are good advice, I won’t implement any of them in the end. Because if you want to change, you have to want to change.

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Do You Enjoy Your Work? - Being successful without being CEO

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I am currently undergoing an apprenticeship at a company and there has just been a change of trainer. At his farewell, the old trainer mentioned that he thinks it is important to have fun with what you do. This is the only way to ensure that you can stay physically and mentally fit until retirement, without problems such as burnout. This question has given me food for thought… Of course, it is important to have fun at work, because that would be really optimal.

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