This Happened To Me

Don't Fear Doing New Things

I always didn’t like to hear my own voice, because I thought it sounds strange. So always procrastinated starting a podcast. I finally overcame my fear. And it actually feels good. I always had that idea in my mind of starting a podcast, I also started recording one once, but I screw it. I didn’t like my voice. But this time, I just tried it again and after hearing the voice some time, I just thought, why care about other’s opinions, just do it.

Why Did I Forget The Greatness Of Podcasts?

I like podcasts. I really like podcasts. But it’s only a few days since I rediscovered how much I like them. Like a week ago my friend Zan started his own podcast (together with another guy). Because I follow his work I also listened to the first two episodes. Their podcast is called “Pocket Friend” and they talk about all things mobile. A topic I’m really interested in. Also one of my favorite YouTubers recently started podcasting.