Today I watched a movie. Not a very good one, but one that entertained me. It was funny and I didn’t feel bored, as I do with some other films. And although the niveau of the film was not very high - my mother probably wouldn’t like it - I still don’t see it as a waste of time. There are good boring movies, just as there are also not so good, but entertaining movies (which kind of makes them good, doesn’t it?
The last few days I use my Spotify Premium subscription much more than before (I don’t usually listen to that much music). Especially if you spend most of your time indoors and only talk in videoconferences, on the phone or with bakery staff, it’s nice to break the silence with music. Sure, it is never quiet in my apartment in an apartment building with rather thin walls. Often I hear the music that the neighbours play (it’s always the same music), I hear the neighbours talking loudly to each other and I hear them watching TV.

It’s amazing how fast time can go by when you’re in a flow state. It’s an incredible feeling. Especially at the moment, when one usually has rather too much time.

My method to get enough exercise during #StayAlone and to have a physical balance to sitting at the desk is to go out regularly by myself, ride a bike or run a little. Although I occasionally decided and tried to run more again (I used to run quite a bit and had pretty good conditions), I always gave up quite quickly because I somehow lacked motivation and preferred to spend my time in other ways.
Ever asked yourself what will be in 10 years? I have it myself right now, but I have absolutely no idea what it will be like? Married? Children? Profession? Still blogging? What will the world be like in 10 years? Will we survive Corona or will everything be in ruins in a few years? Will I still be alive at all? I think especially this time right now shows that you can’t foresee how it will be.
When I write code, it often serves the purpose it is supposed to serve. However, it is often not the most elegant. Especially when I compare my code with other implementations, I sometimes find mine somewhat ugly. I think I’m thinking too chaotic, start writing the code immediately and while I’m writing it, I think of things I could do differently and in the end it’s a big mess. Maybe I should first sketch my code on paper and then type it into the computer without thinking much about it?
Is it good or bad that human communication is so ambiguous? Human communication is complicated. How about if human communication works via a well-defined interface (like a programming interface) and the communication recipient always understands messages exactly as the communication sender intended? From my naive point of view and as someone who prefers unambiguity, I would say that this could solve a lot of problems, or prevent them from happening at all.
One problem that can occur when you are in a technology-focused bubble is that you often feel the desire to buy new hardware, even though you already have everything you need. The specifications and reports and whatever else you hear about a new device makes you want to have it. All the devices I own already meet all my requirements and I have no legitimate reason to buy a new one.

Chris Coyier is thinking in an article on CSS-Tricks about RSS:

Don’t you want people to read your stuff? Having an RSS feed is saying, “I’m happy to meet you where you are. If you like reading stuff over there, then great, read it over there. I just like it when you read my stuff.”

But even when you don’t want to use RSS to “give content away for free”, you can still use RSS to let readers know when there’s new content on your site.

When I discover an interesting site and there’s an RSS feed, I might subscribe to it to stay up-to-date. But if your site doesn’t have one, I might visit your site once, but then forget about it and visit it never again. So even if you need the pageviews to generate ad-income (you could embedded static ads in your feed too, though…), it would still be better to provide support for RSS feeds, to make life of your visitors easier and probably keep them visiting your site again.

After talking to @jlelse, I finally decided not to trouble myself with writing my own static website generator and just improve what I have right now. Optimizing software to run faster is a good thing in itself. If you have to wait less for the software to run, you have more time for other things. But if you invest hours or days to save a few seconds in the end, then I question if this is a good idea.
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