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DNSControl: Version control your DNS configuration

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I am now versioning my DNS configuration. With the tool DNSControl it is possible for a number of DNS providers and registrars to manage the DNS and name server settings of your own domains. For example, it is possible to configure several DNS services at the same time (for example as backup DNS) or to make major changes by making a small code change and deploy them through continuous integration. In my configuration I even let JavaScript code generate part of the configuration.

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Why I use tools like Docker and Flatpak

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I admit it, I am a big fan of pre-packaged software. Software that I simply set up by typing a single command or just adding a few lines to my existing configuration. I like simplicity and this kind of software makes things a lot easier and lets one focus on getting work done. I still remember the time when I first came into contact with Linux and spent a lot of time with it.

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Find broken links on your website with muffet

in 👨‍💻 Dev

Today I wanted to check if my blog contains some broken links and it actually did. I used the Go-based tool muffet which crawls a website and checks for HTTP errors when following links. To speed up the process, I started a local Hugo server and used the following command for muffet (after installing it): muffet -e ".*jlelse\.blog.*" -e ".*indieauth\.com.*" -e ".*aperture.*" -e ".*quill\.p3k\.io.*" -e ".*addtoany\.com.*" -t 60 -c 10 -f -x -s http://localhost:1313/ Using -e you can exclude sites using regular expressions, -t sets the timeout and -c sets the number of concurrent connections.

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Photopea: Photoshop in the browser

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By chance in a Hacker News thread about “MSPaint in JavaScript” I discovered the tool Photopea. Photopea seems to be a free JavaScript-based Photoshop alternative that runs in any browser. What surprises me the most: Photopea is developed by a single person. I don’t use tools like Photoshop or Gimp very often, but I will try Photopea the next time I need to edit photos and images.

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Send webmentions using a simple Go CLI

in 💭 Thoughts

I just wanted to share the tool, which I use to send my webmentions. I use the webmention Go library by Will Norris, which also includes a simple command line tool. If you have Go installed on your computer, you can simply install it by typing this into your terminal: go get willnorris.com/go/webmention/cmd/webmention After that, just use the command webmention followed by your post URL and you can select to which detected links it should try to send a webmention.

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