Today I wanted to check if my blog contains some broken links and it actually did. I used the Go-based tool muffet which crawls a website and checks for HTTP errors when following links. To speed up the process, I started a local Hugo server and used the following command for muffet (after installing it): muffet -e ".*jlelse\.blog.*" -e ".*indieauth\.com.*" -e ".*aperture.*" -e ".*quill\.p3k\.io.*" -e ".*addtoany\.com.*" -t 60 -c 10 -f -x -s http://localhost:1313/ Using -e you can exclude sites using regular expressions, -t sets the timeout and -c sets the number of concurrent connections.
I just wanted to share the tool, which I use to send my webmentions. I use the webmention Go library by Will Norris, which also includes a simple command line tool. If you have Go installed on your computer, you can simply install it by typing this into your terminal: go get After that, just use the command webmention followed by your post URL and you can select to which detected links it should try to send a webmention.
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