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My new Code Server: HP EliteDesk 800 G1 USDT

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Yesterday I read this article by Vincent Warmerdam describing his new home setup. He uses an Intel NUC running Linux, which he can program on well, and accesses it via his laptop or a Mac using Visual Studio Code.

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My new coding workflow: VS Code + Remote-SSH extension

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I recently rediscovered the ability of Visual Studio Code to develop on remote machines. Just connect to a server via SSH and develop there.


Developing 10x faster with my Surface Go and Visual Studio Code

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This thought was written using Visual Studio Code from my Surface Go, but via a SSH remote connection to my ASRock Deskmini.


VSCodium: Microsoft-free Visual Studio Code binaries

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Visual Studio Code is an awesome text editor. It is in fact my favorite one. I use it for writing blog posts, I use it for looking at code (although I prefer JetBrains IDEs for actual coding) and I use it whenever I need a text editor.


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