Lectures at the university start next week. So, since the beginning of the week, I have been thinking intensively about the problem of how to get a cheap but not too cheap convertible so that I can do my studies almost without paper. Convertibles are definitely not cheap and I have a quite limited budget. Not because I don't have the money, but because I don't want to spend more than 500€ on one device.
Christmas is approaching. Less than a week to go until the celebrations. And so it's now clear to everyone what they want, if it hasn't been decided since last Christmas or the last birthday. New mobile phone, new computer, new game console… The children's wish lists are long and they have to accept that they don't get everything they ask Santa for. Well, the remaining things have to wait until the next opportunity or the pocket money has to be saved.
Jan-Lukas Else
20 years old student who writes about everything he cares about.