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I cancelled my 1+ Nord pre-order

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Shortly after the official announcement I pre-ordered the 12 GB version of OnePlus Nord on Amazon for 499€ minus 30€ Prime discount. It should have been shipped tomorrow and arrived at my place on Wednesday. However, I cancelled the pre-order today after I came across an article about display problems with this and other OnePlus devices (this is apparently not a rare problem with 1+).


I Really Bought the Xiaomi Mi A1 - My First 24h Impressions

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Updated on

At the beginning of December 2017 I wrote that I will buy the Xiaomi Mi A1 when it finally gets the update to Oreo. That’s exactly what I did. I’ve been using it for over 24 hours now, so my first impressions here:


I’ll Buy the Xiaomi Mi A1 when it get’s Oreo

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Yes, I will really get my money together and buy this device when it has received the Oreo update, even if it is after Christmas.


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