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"I made a robot to cut my hair with scissors"

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Shane Wighton from the YouTube channel “Stuff Made Here” built a robot that cuts his hair. It worked OK for part of his hair, but see yourself… I wonder how one could even come up with such an idea to have one’s hair cut by a robot with scissors? Crazy!

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Home Office

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Not for everyone home office means sitting in front of the computer and working at home instead of in the office. For Fabio Wibmer, home office means that he does tricks with his bicycle at home instead of taking daring trips. This reminds me a little of the YouTube channel Dude Perfect.

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Subscribing to YouTube channels using RSS

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Although I unsubscribed from all YouTube channels and removed the app from my phone, I now try to consume videos in a more controlled way. I now subscribe to channels using my feed reader Miniflux. It seems like each YouTube channel has a channel ID, consisting of a random string, and an optional username. I found the following methods to work to subscribe to a channel: If the YouTube channel has a custom username (the URL of the channel is https://www.

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No more YouTube

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To fight my laziness and procrastination, I just unsubscribed from all YouTube channels and deactivated the app on my phone. I had the feeling that instead of focusing on the tasks I have to do (various tasks I don’t really like), I watched YouTube videos instead. But not only that, I also often watched YouTube until late at night instead of sleeping, which resulted in waking up very tired in the mornings.

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