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Merging my blogs

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Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/341
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I recently realized my writings are cluttered all over multiple websites. I think that isn’t good and isn’t helping to motivate me to write more often. Instead of publishing something on my blog, I often just write a short tweet. To change this, I decided to merge my blogs, or at least some of them.

For this I bought the domain “jlelse.blog” (I think that’s a really fancy one like my main domain “jlelse.dev”) and started restructuring the Hugo setup I use for my sites. I fixed a few bugs with the theme, created some redirect and rewrite rules, and copied the contents of my development blog to my former “jlelse writes” blog.

I also decided to add a new category “thoughts” for short thoughts, that normally land in a tweet.

This blog has the following categories now:

  • All (that’s everything from all subcategories) (RSS)
  • Posts (former “jlelse Writes”) (RSS)
  • Thoughts (Short thoughts) (RSS)
  • Dev (former “Dev All The Things”) (RSS)

I hope you like reading my stuff! Feel free to send me ideas

I will probably also rework some older articles soon and, of course, write new ones.

Update: (04. Jun 2019)

There are now two more categories on this blog:

  • Medium Archive (RSS): An archive of some posts I originally published on Medium.
  • Links (RSS): A collection of links I stumbled across.


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