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RSS is still alive

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I just found this article from Gizmodo about RSS while going through the list of new items in my feed reader (Miniflux) because it was on the front page of Hacker News, to which I subscribed using RSS. The article says that RSS is a better alternative to consuming news through social media (especially Twitter).

I really agree with this. Since I consume my news primarily via RSS, I can avoid click-bait much better and don’t spend useless hours reading uninteresting articles. I subscribed to the news sources I trust, and read the articles, I’m really interested in. I also follow many more blogs from individuals like me since then. Whenever I find an interesting article, for example via Hacker News, I also take a look at other articles from that blog and subscribe if it fits my interests.

I currently have subscribed to 72 feeds and get between 100 and 300 new articles in the unread list, from which I bookmark a few and read them when I have time to do so (like sitting in the bus, waiting somewhere, …).

We should celebrate the 20th birthday of RSS and give it a try again!

BTW: You can also subscribe to my blog via RSS, I listed the links for the different categories of this website here.

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