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Listen to long blog articles using Pocket

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Yesterday I found a nice article with the title “Into the Personal-Website-Verse” (I really recommend to read it - or listen to it) but which is quite long. My reading speed isn’t that fast and it was late and I was tired but wanted to know the content of this blog article.

A great way to solve this problem is to not read the article yourself but let somehow read it to you. Unfortunately there was nobody who could do this, so I had to use technology for this.

One of my favorite apps to save links of interesting articles to read later is Pocket, which is now owned by Mozilla. Sure, there are open source alternatives like Wallabag, but somehow I like the user experience of Pocket more and wouldn’t save private things either. Pocket has one nice feature.

The nice feature is a listening mode. You can just save an article to your Pocket list and then select the headphone symbol and Pocket will read that article to you and you can relax and just listen to it. The quality of the Text-to-Speech depends a bit on the language of the text. The article linked above is on English and English TTS seems to be quite good. Sometimes I also save German articles, but German TTS is a bit behind English.

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