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Bye Netlify & Cloudflare

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Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/32b
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This blog is not hosted on Netlify and Cloudflare anymore.

It seems like I’m spending more time for the architecture of my blog then the actual content. But the tasks I did the last days should actually make this blog more solid.

I want to reduce my dependency on “free” services like Netlify or Cloudflare that bring a great basic set of features and limits for free use, but require you to pay a lot of money when you reach that limits or need more custom features. I generally prefer a pay-as-you-go with small steps and services that don’t lock you in.

This blog is now hosted on my VPS at Hetzner served by Caddy and behind BunnyCDN as proxy.

I will give more details about this setup in a post soon, where I will also describe how I can publish new articles by simply doing a git push.


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