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I use my password manager to find unused accounts and delete them

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This is a really bad title, but summarizes what I regularly do and recommend doing regularly.

A nice side effect of using a password manager is, that it gives you a perfect overview about all your accounts. From time to time I go through this list (at the moment I have saved over 200 logins) and see if there are any services I no longer use and need.

If this is the case I go to the website, log in and try to find the settings to delete that account. Sometimes it’s not directly possible and I either need to open a support ticket or write an email. GDPR gives me the right to request deletion of my personal data.

But why do I do this?

It’s not that uncommon that services get hacked and databases get exposed. By deleting accounts I reduce the amount of data about me that is stored in services databases. This can probably reduce the risk of my data being exposed.

My (current) favorite password manager: Bitwarden.

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