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Huel vs. Myprotein Whole Fuel Blend

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I think I never wrote about “meal replacements powders” on this blog, while I wrote a pretty extensive posts on my German blog once. So if you understand German, you might like to take a read, otherwise maybe try a translation.

Usually I just order Huel. Huel was the first and only meal replacement powder I tried. In contrast to many other meal replacement powders, it is without soy and the proteins come mainly from peas and brown rice.

This week I came across an alternative by Myprotein, which is a huge protein seller from the UK. They have a product called “Whole Fuel Blend”, which is basically a clone of Huel, with quite similar ingredients. Because Myprotein offers discounts almost all the time (seriously, who buys their products at the original price?), it’s a bit cheaper than Huel, which I order via a subscription and also get student discount on. So I thought I should try this too, just to compare it.

Huel and Myprotein Whole Fuel Blend

Unfortunately it doesn’t taste great. It has a much finer texture, but I think that also makes it harder to drink. Somehow I like the coarser texture of Huel. Using the shaker upside-down and a blender ball, I achieve to get almost no lumps. I ordered the flavour “natural vanilla” (it was the only one available), but I really don’t like it. With Huel I prefer “Original” or “Berry”, but also tried “Vanilla”. While Huel “Vanilla” flavour is ok, Myprotein tastes even more artificial.

Sure, it’s all personal preference, but I just wanted to share my preference. Also who knows if I get used to it after using the remaining 2.4 kilograms of the Myprotein powder? 😂

Update: I’ll probably switch to another meal replacement powder. Read my thoughts here.

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