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I’m taking my time

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As you might have noticed, the frequency of new entries on this blog, or even the activity on my social media profiles, varies a lot. On some days I’m posting a lot. But then there are days with almost no activity at all.

I’m currently in a working part of my dual study (where I go to the company working, instead of studying). In this part I have to do a practical project that involves coding something, but also everything else connected to it, like planing, writing etc. In the beginning of the working parts, it’s always refreshing to have regular working times again instead of also using the weekends and evenings to study, so I usually have more time. But when it goes on, the way I use my time changes.

Now I’m going for a walk more often, I spent more time just relaxing, I meet people or attend events. I just don’t really have the motivation to spend every day writing code or blog posts in my free time after work, where I already stared at two screens for like 8 hours. I often need to get my mind free instead.

Another current pain are the relatively extreme weather conditions in Europe. It’s really hot here (we got new temperature records) and that’s taking away a lot of energy.

I’m excited to go on vacations soon though. 😄

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