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Germany and Digitalization

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The last 3 days I was in Poland with a few other students from my company. We visited the beautiful Wrocław and also met with coworkers based there.

On our way to Poland we listened to the radio and there was a show talking about the electronic features of the German identity card. The moderator also said “there are countries who are even better” when it comes to digitalization.

But I think “even better” is a huge understatement. I never used any electronic feature of my identity card and I also don’t know anyone who ever did it. In countries like Estonia, you can do a lot with your identity card.

But not only the digitalization of bureaucratic matters is behind in Germany. In Poland I noticed that I have 4G signal almost everywhere. Even in subterranean garages or on the highway in the middle of nowhere.

LTE is a disaster in Germany and I have absolutely no hopes that it will be better with 5G in the future. Germany, the fourth largest economy in the world, is not able to keep up with countries who have a much much lower GDP. It’s sad.

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