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RSS and the Hacker News frontpage

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I never thought being featured in a website that hits the Hacker News frontpage, results in so many pageviews. Thanks for sharing my blog, Kev!

Kev Quirk mentioned my blog and especially my blogroll in his article “Please Add RSS Support To Your Site” (on Hacker News), where he asks blog owners to please provide an RSS feed.

I already blogged, that RSS is still alive and it’s actually an integral part of the open web. Nowadays Twitter or Facebook often replace feed readers. But unlike feed readers, Twitter or Facebook analyze your behaviour and filter the content they show to you. Instead of delivering you information, they try to maximize the time you spend on their site to show more ads and earn more money.

Providing a feed (whether it’s RSS, Atom, JSON or h-feed) helps your blog readers to follow your blog without the need to follow you on social media or visit your website every day.

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