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Discovering new (old) features in your favorite software

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Although I use Hugo heavily for this blog and all my other websites for more than a year already, I discover new (old) features from time to time. About new features I’m often informed, because I read the changelog whenever a new version gets published1, but there are still a lot of features that appeared before I started using Hugo.

A few days ago, I discovered “related content” and implemented it into my theme right away2. Now you can see a list with related or similar articles below almost every article.

Today I discovered footnotes3. I will probably make some use of them in the future.

It’s funny to discover old features in your favorite software you didn’t knew about.

  1. You can see the changelog for each release on Github. ↩︎

  2. My theme is published here, the documentation for related content is available here. ↩︎

  3. This is a footnote. The documentation how to use this and other Blackfriday (Hugo’s default markdown renderer) features is available here. ↩︎

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