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Delete Twitter?

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Some time ago I decided to unfollow everyone on Twitter and put all accounts I previously followed into a list. This gave me the advantage to read tweets in a chronological order and not rely on what Twitter thinks is interesting to me or see “recommended” tweets.

Since then I reduced my Twitter usage a lot.

But that’s not the only reason, I’m thinking about deleting my account.

Twitter is not fun anymore. Politics all the time, surveillance capitalism fanboys and memes. And: nobody is reacting to my tweets, because Twitter doesn’t like tweets with links, because then people would leave the Twitter app or site…

However, the fediverse is much more fun: friendly people with similar interests, no stupid algorithms, decentralization, and it’s about the content, not about the follower count.

And the best of all: No ads and therefore developers of fediverse software care about user experience and not ways to make users addictive and generate maximum profits.

I think I’m close to finally delete my account on Twitter.

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