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Creating an Instagram archive on my website

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Yesterday, I wrote it’s time to stop using Facebook, and I wrote about how I’m still using Instagram and WhatsApp.

To be able to delete my Instagram account soon, I’m now building an Instagram archive on my website with photos I originally published on Instagram. For the gallery I took inspiration from hugo-easy-gallery and the gallery on justabloginthepark.com (source) and used PhotoSwipe. It’s a really nice JavaScript library without dependencies.

I’m doing the Instagram archive in a similar fashion to my Medium archive on this blog (which is still not 100 percent complete): Taking content back from social media and onto my own blog or website. This not only gives me the option to delete accounts from data abusing services, but also make myself independent from them. My website won’t go away when those companies don’t earn enough money with their users data and people who want to see my content don’t get tracked.

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