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Go and Java

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While I need to use Java for university projects (currently that are one Spring and one Java EE project) and work, I use Go on some personal projects (Hugo backend and KISSS). While I’m getting more familiar with Go (I do Java for many years), I also experience cases where I actually miss language features from Java. Oh and it’s not generics, I’m currently (still) fine without generics.

I miss streams. In Java I can easily use streams to filter collections, while in Go that needs to be done differently and with a lot more (and more complex) code. While Go’s syntax is easy and the whole Go documentation is lecture for just one evening, this simplicity has it’s pros and cons.

Update: It’s very hard to make streams without generics, so I want generics, right? 🤔 Or is it possible without generics, too? I need to do some research…


Jan-Lukas Else
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