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My IndieWeb setup is continuing to evolve. I just added support for syndication (this post should appear on IndieNews) and JSON-posting to my Hugo backend and theme. Unfortunately, adding support for more IndieWeb features to this setup requires a lot of documentation reading, reverse engineering and looking at how other people have done that (of course in other programming languages, one has not much knowledge in).

All this effort is redundant, because there’s already WordPress with all its IndieWeb plugins. But WordPress is resource hungry, needs maintenance (security updates are important) and requires a full database. I wish there would be something like a simple pre-configured setup of a static site generator paired with a dynamic backend and a simple HTTPS server in front of it. Maybe, one day when I’m finished adding all the required features to my setup, I will try to make it more generic, bundle it with Hugo and Caddy and create a simple single executable, that just needs to be uploaded to a small VPS to have a full IndieWeb site.

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