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Too much news?

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I’m currently on vacation and spend less time than usual on things like news and blog articles. A result of this is my news reader is collecting more and more news articles, but too many to read them all.

I am currently subscribed to around 75 news feeds (blogs, but news sites too), and every now and then I go through the list of all new articles and save those that seem to be interesting.

Usually I have no problems with the amount of bookmarked articles and the bookmark list is empty again very fast. But during vacations it’s growing all the time, although I bookmark less articles. I have no other option than un-bookmarking those not that interesting articles to get to an empty bookmark list again.

I’m now asking myself: Is it, that I sometime just consume news out of boredom? I could probably spend less time reading news (and comments on it) and still know about everything important.

Update: I corrected the title from “Too many news?” to “Too much news?”. I found out one can’t use “many news” because it’s uncountable. I was referring to “too many news articles”.

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Jan-Lukas Else
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