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It feels great without Twitter

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I left Twitter one month ago and didn’t miss it a single time. Reading stories about “Brand Blockers” (Medium paywall) just gives me the feeling that this was the right decision.

Regarding the “Brand Blockers”: Instead of trying to block hundreds of thousands brands, maybe just block Twitter? Twitter is full of brands. That’s why I first unfollowed everyone and created a list with all the people I followed previously, which had the benefit of a chronological timeline and no promoted tweets in between. And then I left Twitter altogether.

In addition to the brand problem there are also politics, scandals, trolls and the attitude of people in general. All reasons why I did not want to use this platform anymore.

Meanwhile I only use Miniflux to follow a selection of blogs, news sites and Fediverse accounts. To express my opinion I use my blog. No algorithms that think they know what interests me. No promoted tweets.

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