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Tomorrow is the first day of the new semester with two lectures, one in the forenoon, one in the evening. I am really very curious how this semester will be and if everything will work out as I have planned.

Although the practical phase was only very short (only 6 weeks), it will still be a change from going to the office at the same time every day and not having to do anything after work, to going to university at different times every day, sometimes even in the evening, and then to do tasks and study at home. One advantage: I can plan my time better and don’t have to worry about working 40 hours a week. Maybe it will be more or less, but if I don’t have a lecture in the morning, I can choose when I get up.

I try to do it every semester (last semester it actually worked out a bit better), but I really want to manage it this semester, to do most of the tasks directly when I have time and not to postpone everything until the end and then have stress. So instead of spending the time between lectures with YouTube videos and messing around, I want to work. And of course I don’t want to stay in bed until noon, but sit down at my desk to cross off completed tasks from my todo list.

Maybe it encourages me that my girlfriend is so eager to learn. She doesn’t seem to need any effort at all to sit down and study for exams, while I have to really torture myself that I already get a bad conscience about being so mega lazy.

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