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Is this my chance to become a runner again?

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My method to get enough exercise during #StayAlone and to have a physical balance to sitting at the desk is to go out regularly by myself, ride a bike or run a little.

Although I occasionally decided and tried to run more again (I used to run quite a bit and had pretty good conditions), I always gave up quite quickly because I somehow lacked motivation and preferred to spend my time in other ways.

But because of the current situation there is now a perfect chance to get used to running again and to get back my lost fitness.

Running is great. Especially during this time, when you can’t do much and mainly spend time inside. When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, you can collect some vitamin D, breathe fresh air and free your mind.

This time I really want to take the chance and really stick to it!

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Jan-Lukas Else
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