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Back to Ubuntu (again)

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AI generated summary: The author discusses their experience with installing a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on their computer, ultimately deciding to switch back to Ubuntu and later receiving a different keyboard than the one they originally ordered.

Today I finally got a Bluetooth keyboard (Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard) delivered, after I had also got a Bluetooth mouse (Microsoft Modern Mouse in black) a few days ago. Originally I ordered a different set from another shop, but the package still seems not to have been sent.

So I got the keyboard delivered today and I tried to connect it to my computer (in which I recently installed a new WiFi and Bluetooth card). This worked fine in itself, but I could not make any inputs. After I tried a little bit to get it working with Fedora Silverblue, but it didn’t work, I decided to reinstall my computer. I am now back to Ubuntu (I have a déjà vu) on my desktop computer. And now it works!

By now it doesn’t really matter which Linux distribution I use anyway, I install almost all programs via Flatpak or distro.tools. Ubuntu 20.04 (beta) seems to be quite fast, let’s see if I will still feel the beta state or if everything really works without problems.

Update (15.04.2020): After writing this post, I got the notification that the keyboard, which I originally ordered, just got handed over to the delivery service and I received it today. The “Microsoft Designer Desktop” keyboard feels much better and has a much better type feeling. The “Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard” is also missing a “Print” key (and a num lock key), which is pretty annoying, when your regularly take screenshots.

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