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Owning my podcast

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Two years ago, I was in a stage where podcasts really excited me. I have heard many podcasts myself and some of my online acquaintances have also started to start their own podcasts. So I decided to do that as well and gain some experience.

With the app Anchor (meanwhile acquired by Spotify) it was very easy. Using an app on your mobile phone, record with your mobile microphone a podcast and publish it. Anchor takes care of submitting the podcast to the various platforms.

I recorded two episodes for my German blog. If I listen to them again today, I’m surprised that I had the courage to publish them like this, but I think everybody has to get some experience.

But since I’ve been more involved with the IndieWeb in these two years and have changed my blog setup completely, I prefer to have full control over the podcast now too. Therefore I decided to integrate it into my blog. I downloaded the audio files from Anchor, created a template for Hugo that generates a podcast RSS feed and then set up a redirection on Anchor to my new feed. The changes are already visible on Spotify.

If I ever decide to publish a new episode at some point, I will use my blog to publish it. Thanks to BunnyCDN (which I use both as CDN and as storage for media files on my blog) I don’t have to worry much about my server being fast enough or going bankrupt. It also keeps me in full control, and the episodes can be listened to directly from my site without using another app.

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