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I use one of my domains mainly for services that I use personally. My Miniflux instance for example. For a long time I ran Miniflux on a device from home, before I moved it to my virtual private server in the “cloud” a few weeks ago. To also adapt the subdomain I use for it to the scheme of the other subdomains, Miniflux now runs on a different subdomain than before. However, I have set up a redirection so that even if I enter the old subdomain, I will be redirected to the new one.

But since it is by far the page I visit most in the browser, whether on the desktop or mobile, - after all I consume almost all news, videos etc. (even TikToks) via this feed reader - I intuitively still enter the old subdomain by default. It seems to be a real habit. And some habits are difficult to change. I probably would have gotten used to it if I hadn’t set up a forwarding.


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