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Self-hosted server(less) functions

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One thing which I have never looked more closely at, but which I think is very interesting, are “Serverless Functions”, although they are not so serverless because they run on a server. Whatever. On Hacker News, I found a GitHub repository and an article about it.

With fassd, it’s easy (and possible without Kubernetes) to install a runtime for serverless functions on a single server. Sort of like Lambda from Amazon, but open source and self-hosted.

Serverless functions could be a good and simple alternative to small (permanently running and listening) web services that are only supposed to provide a simple function and ideally do not need any storage or similar. For my blog, for example, something like this would be a good solution to send webmentions.

I will take a closer look at it soon and try to set up a server for it, let’s see if it will be my next rabbit hole…


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