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Microsoft Surface Go 2 and why I will NOT upgrade

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Microsoft today released Surface Go 2, the successor to the Microsoft Surface Go from 2018. All in all with few innovations, rather small improvements. The display edges have shrunk a bit, there is a model with a faster processor and the battery is a bit bigger. The Verge has published a video where they describe their first impressions of the new generation.

I wrote about my reasons for buying the Surface Go (1) and also my impressions after a few months. While a faster processor would not be bad, I am still satisfied with my device. For development stuff, where I need a faster device, I still have my ThinkPad or desktop computer. I tend to use the Surface for surfing the web from my couch or bed, blogging, or for taking notes during lectures. And the speed is always good enough for that. So I definitely won’t upgrade to the Surface Go 2 and hopefully continue to use the Surface Go (1) for quite a while.

In general, why should you buy a new device just because there is a new version? Sure, if you are not satisfied, that is a legitimate reason to get new hardware. But buying a new tablet, a new smartphone or a new laptop just because you don’t have the latest generation is in my opinion a waste. I still use the Xiaomi Mi A1 as my smartphone, although there are now at least two new generations. But it still works for most things, the operating system is still up-to-date enough with Android 9 that I can install almost all apps and it’s also still fast enough that I can use most apps quite fluently.

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