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Time and focus

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It’s crazy how quickly time can pass when you get very engrossed in something. When it grabs you and you forget almost everything around you. When you’re in the flow.

Today I experienced such a situation again. Inspired by a lot of “minimal classless CSS frameworks” (like this one) I thought about redesigning my blog and reworking the HTML structure as well as the CSS and making it much more minimal. Sure, even the (still) current design is not exceptionally complex and quite compact, but more minimalistic is definitely possible.

So I started to rework the HTML from the old theme and started with a completely blank style sheet. I sat at it for a couple of hours and only when my girlfriend asked me if I still redesign my website, I ran uptime and realized that almost 5 hours had passed since I turned on the computer and started the work.

It is not quite finished yet, but I will do the rest in the next days.

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Jan-Lukas Else
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