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Why I use a paid CDN

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To answer the question from an anonymous reader:

Any reason why you’re using a paid CDN for a personal website and not a free one like Cloudflare?

I still use Cloudflare, but only as a registrar for a few domains and for the DNS management (which I do by code lately). (I have not yet found a better alternative to Cloudflare for this.)

As a CDN I use BunnyCDN (alternatively here is my referral link), firstly because I don’t like how Cloudflare makes Tor users’ browsing so difficult, but also because BunnyCDN gives me more flexibility (with edge rules and all the other features - like the cloud storage which I use for media files on my blog), it’s an European company and it’s more sustainable if I pay for the services I use myself. That way I can be sure that my data (or the data of my website visitors) is not suddenly being used in return.

And since there is a pay-what-you-use payment system (for new customers there’s a minimum of 1€ per month), I have paid very little in the last year since I started using the service, since I have very little traffic. My blog is a hobby of mine and I am willing to spend money for it, but if you want to have a completely free website, you can take a look at my article about how to do that.

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