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You can finally directly register domains with Cloudflare

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I know, Cloudflare is often criticized in privacy groups and also I do not find everything good. I myself use Cloudflare actually only for two things, which do not concern the privacy of the visitors of my websites. DNS hosting and domain registration.

Cloudflares DNS management is very easy to use and they also offer a good API to automate the management. There is also support for features like DNSSEC.

Additionally Cloudflare offers the registration of domains, where you only have to pay the costs that Cloudflare has to pay to the registry and ICANN. Cloudflare itself makes no profit with it. Therefore the domains are cheaper than anywhere else.

Previously it was only possible to transfer domains from another registrar to Cloudflare, but now it seems to be possible to register domains directly through them. By chance I found a button in the dashboard today which leads me directly to a search field where I can search for a new domain. I try to resist the urge to register more domains without having a real reason to do so, but should I need another domain for a new project or similar in the future and Cloudflare offers domains for the desired top-level domain, I will register directly through them.

Both the DNS hosting and the registration of the domains do not make me very dependent on Cloudflare, because both can be switched to another provider relatively easily. Cloudflare offers these features to attract customers who pay money for premium and enterprise features, but why should I not use these offers, if I can save a lot of money and the privacy of my site visitors is not at risk? As a CDN I have found a better alternative anyway. ☺️

Update: It seems like registration directly through Cloudflare isn’t possible anymore.

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