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Principles or convenience?

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Actually, I’m more of a fan of free, libre and open source software. So if possible I prefer to use Libre Office instead of Microsoft Office. But now, for two presentations for university, I tried Google Presentation. And what can I say? It’s actually not the bad. It is very easy to use. The suggestions, similar to those in PowerPoint, are very good for giving slides an attractive design. And also the slide master editor is somehow easier to use than I remember from Libre Office.

This puts me in a moral dilemma. Should I rather follow my principles (and use only Libre Office, if possible)? Or may I use more proprietary products like Google Presentation and PowerPoint if it gives me a much better user experience? Do I betray my principles then? To avoid vendor lock-in I will download the presentations in several formats (PDF and ODP) after creation. And I will hold the presentations in front of an audience anyway, so there is no private data to lose. :thinking_face:

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