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A successful day

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Today (or already yesterday at the time of publication of this article) was a quite successful day. πŸ’ͺ

I managed to convert my girlfriend to a Firefox and Bitwarden user. Since her computer was acting crazy and marked all downloaded files as viruses, we not only removed the McAfee antivirus program and activated Windows Defender instead, but also installed Firefox (even with uBlock Origin!). Now she can finally download and view PDF files again without any problems. πŸ˜„

But also she now uses Bitwarden (with my bitwarden_rs server) instead of storing her passwords in OneNote. Since Bitwarden also offers autofill functions and synchronization between all devices, I think she is actually quite excited about it. 😁

And last but not least, since Samsung Internet does not seem to support autofill, she now also uses Firefox Preview (with uBlock Origin) on her mobile phone. She was convinced by the fact that uBlock Origin also saves battery by blocking advertising and trackers and makes the loading of websites faster. 😏

Somehow this makes me happy and a bit proud! πŸ€“

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