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Music programming

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It sometimes happens that I fall down a rabbit hole. Suddenly a subject catches my attention and excites me very much. The latest topic where this is the case is the software Sonic Pi and making music by code, basically “music programming”. I played the recorder for many years, but I do not have a real feeling for beat and rhythm. I like to listen to music, especially electronic music, but I couldn’t make music myself, I would miss the musical feeling.

Nevertheless, I find “music programming” very exciting, when I see videos, of Sam Aaron, developer of Sonic Pi, programming live, I’m really excited about it. I have installed the program and will soon try to work through the integrated tutorial. Even if I don’t really know how to make music, it might be a little bit fun to play around with it. I like programming, so why not try programming music? Maybe this would also be a use case for one of the few Raspberry Pis I have standing around unused at home…

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