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Writing my own CMS in Golang?

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Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/10b
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After trying to write my own static site generator as an experiment, I now started to write my own CMS. Written in Go, SQLite as database (SQLite is awesome!) and focused on performance and simplicity. Currently I’m using Hugo with a number of dynamic additional services (for Micropub, Webmentions, ActivityPub, …), so it’s almost questionable why I use a static page generator at all. If I use my own lightweight and high-performance CMS, I could save myself all this extra stuff or at least reduce it in complexity.

I also considered WordPress and a number of other existing CMSs, but finally came to the conclusion that this would be no less fiddly than with Hugo. So why not start from scratch and build it yourself? Not because I’m not satisfied with the current state, but because I believe that it could be even better and of course because I enjoy programming and building things.

Let’s see if I will finish this project and how long it will take to get into a state where I can switch from Hugo.

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