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I cancelled my 1+ Nord pre-order

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Shortly after the official announcement I pre-ordered the 12 GB version of OnePlus Nord on Amazon for 499€ minus 30€ Prime discount. It should have been shipped tomorrow and arrived at my place on Wednesday. However, I cancelled the pre-order today after I came across an article about display problems with this and other OnePlus devices (this is apparently not a rare problem with 1+).

And to be honest, I don’t really need the new device yet. My Xiaomi Mi A1 still has the latest security update and is at July’s patch level and still works fine. Sure, the camera is not that great anymore for today’s standards, the device has no NFC and there are one or two other little quirks. But to be honest, it still does everything I need it for. (How else could I have survived the last two and a half years with this smartphone?) I was mainly seduced by all the features that a new phone would offer me and all the positive reviews I watched on YouTube and read on tech news sites.

I’ll just wait half a year, maybe a year, until my Mi A1 really doesn’t get any more updates and then I’ll see what the market for mid-range smartphones looks like.

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