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On using Linux…

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AI generated summary: The author discusses their use of Linux for development and updates, citing its speed and productivity as key reasons for their preference.

Next to my Microsoft Surface Go with Windows on it, I often take my Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S1 with me, when I visit my family over the weekend. The ThinkPad let’s me do some development things on a Linux machine (with Ubuntu 20.04) during the long train trips (6 hours each direction). So I always try to get everything up-to-date before. It’s always amazing how fast it is to do this.

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt dist-upgrade
  • flatpak update
  • git pull in some repositories

Next to this I also open up the Jetbrains Toolbox application to check for updates of IDEA Ultimate (my IDE of choice) and execute some other manual updates using distro.tools. But that’s all and it’s finished in less than 10 minutes even after not using this laptop for like two months.

On Windows I use Chocolatey to make updates more simple. But even that takes much more time.

The productivity and simplicity are probably my most important reasons for using Linux.

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