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I ordered some stuff online the last days and somehow all packages arrived today. In the middle of an important conference call. Well, when you order online, that can happen.

But I not only ordered a new bicycle helmet (in XL, because my head is too big for most other helmets), I also ordered a new keyboard and mouse.

At the beginning of the home office and lockdown period I had already bought new peripherals, a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse from Microsoft. I liked both of them quite well. But a big disadvantage was that I can only connect them to one device and switching between different devices is quite complex and involves reconnecting them. So I had to get a second wireless keyboard and mouse for my work computer, a rather cheap one from Logitech, which is not as fun to type with.

A few days ago I stumbled across reviews of the Logitech MX Keys and the MX Master 3 and most of the experiences were quite positive and praised both devices as the best options on the market. Not only in terms of quality, typing feel on the keyboard and precision with the mouse, the devices support easy switching between up to three different devices and allow connection via Bluetooth or an adapter.

I will now use the devices a little bit and then report about my own experiences. But so far the first impression is pretty good and also this text just flows from my fingers.

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