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Today I have dealt with WordPress for the first time in a long time. I’m not planning to move my blog to WordPress (I’m in the process of developing my own content management system), but have set up a site for someone else and migrated a few articles.

But still I am impressed by WordPress. A user friendly interface, a lot of extension possibilities and also a wide range of nice designs. The only thing that actually bothers me a bit is that there is very little attention paid to minimalism in all these plugins and themes. Is it normal that in order to display a text that is probably not more than a few kilobytes in size, sometimes more than a megabyte of HTML, CSS, JS and fonts have to be loaded?

My own CMS will be miles away from the usability of WordPress, but I will pay close attention to performance and simplicity. The loading of a page should not take more than a few milliseconds and pages should not be unnecessarily bloated. But I myself can easily edit a configuration file or write some Markdown to post an article. Not everyone has this privilege. (Regarding privileges, read this article!)

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