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Since moving my blog to my new CMS, I don’t count visits to this website anymore. Previously I used my own view counter named KISSS or kis3. It served me quite well. But to be honest, I don’t even miss the numbers, now that I can’t see them anymore.

What motivates me to blog is not the number of hits – as I recently found out, most people follow my blog via full-text feeds or ActivityPub anyway, so often they probably don’t even open the blog page – but the feedback I get. Since I don’t look at the numbers anymore, I am even more happy about every comment, WebMention or email.

Numbers only create unnecessary stress and bring me no further insights anyway. I write about the topics I am interested in and when and how often I want.

In addition, the absence of an analytics script or any other tracking method has the further advantage that the page loads even faster and uses even less data. Win, win.

If you want to replace Google Analytics on your site with a more privacy friendly solution, that would be one option as well: Just no analytics at all. 😉

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