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Things I noticed and a thank you!

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Since migrating my blog to the new CMS, I carefully watch the BunnyCDN logs to see if there are some errors or 404s somewhere. It’s looking good so far. Two days ago, I found an issue with the routing of paths that included an encoded character (such as ü or ä), but I found an easy workaround for this. Another thing I noticed by looking at the logs is the number of requests to the feeds on this website.

The RSS feed is probably the most requested resource on this site. Mentioning my feeds so often actually seems to help. 😅 At least 80 people follow through feedly! 👋 Then there are a number of followers following from the Fediverse (mainly Mastodon) using ActivityPub. 👋 And of course many requests using other RSS readers such as Miniflux or tt-rss. 👋

I’m really happy that I left Twitter at the beginning of this year and just don’t have to care about things like POSSE. The only channels I crosspost to are the Telegram channels (@jlelseblog and @eingeek) and my micro.blog account. But for micro.blog it’s enough to provide an RSS or JSON feed and Telegram has a nice and simple bot API.

Thanks for following and reading my stuff, I really appreciate it! 🥰 I don’t know if I would put so much energy into this blog thing if nobody would read it.

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