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One advantage when developing your own CMS software is that you can add new features very easily. Although you should not push this too far that unnecessarily many features collect and afterwards the quality suffers, but some things are still good to have.

One thing that was (almost) impossible with Hugo is yearly and monthly archives, or an “On This Day” feature that lets you see post published on the same day in previous years.

I have already implemented annual and monthly archives recently. Here are two examples:

Today I added daily archives:

And I added monthly archives (that don’t depend on the year) and a “On this day” feature:

And all those archives have the same features as all archives on this blog: pagination and feeds (RSS, ATOM and JSON).

Even if these features have little use for most readers, at least they can help me, for example, when creating my monthly review.


Jan-Lukas Else
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