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A long time ago I had used Disqus on this blog for comments, which is not a good idea. Then I switched to utterances and at some point I removed comments altogether.

When I discovered the IndieWeb, I added support for Webmentions. Using comment parade it is also possible to create an anonymous Webmention.

But since I want to be careful to rely on as few third-party services as possible, I have now added a native comment feature to this blog.

After commenting it is necessary to solve a simple captcha (for spam protection - generated by my blog software) and a hidden page with the comment will be created. From this page a Webmention is then sent to the post. I have to manually confirm the Webmentions in order for them to be displayed.

This seems to be the most minimalistic solution for me to create a comment function directly integrated into GoBlog.

I used to be rather averse to comments, but lately I’ve been getting more and more comments and there are a lot of interesting ones too. With comments, it doesn’t feel like you’re just shouting into the void. 😄

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