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WhatsApp drama

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Right now, there’s drama because WhatsApp is changing its terms of service and wants to share even more data with Facebook (at least from users outside the EU).

I have most of my contacts on Telegram anyway, which is currently my favorite messenger and in my opinion offers a good balance between privacy, security, features and a unique user experience. On my German blog I tried to convince people to use Telegram.

I also have Signal installed now, but it seems that none of my contacts use it at all.

However, WhatsApp is still mandatory if you don’t want to be excluded from certain things (groups with colleagues and comrades).

Why are there still so many people who insist on WhatsApp? I mean, you have to install extra apps for so many things (banking for example), why does it bother so much to install another messenger or otherwise use SMS or email? “I have nothing to hide”?

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