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Bitwarden is the best password manager

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Like many others I have read about online the last few days, I am a happy and satisfied Bitwarden user, with my own installation of bitwarden_rs.

But even without my own installation, I can only recommend Bitwarden. A few years ago I switched from LastPass to Bitwarden.com and then bitwarden_rs and now I don’t want to switch again.

Instead of switching from LastPass Free to LastPass Premium, it is more worthwhile to switch to Bitwarden (Free or Premium).

Experience shows me that even non-technical people do well with Bitwarden.

And a password manager is really indispensable in this day and age. Why? Well, services are hacked every day and it can quickly happen that your password falls into the wrong hands. And if you use the same combination of email and password everywhere, you’re screwed. With a password manager it is possible to use a long, secure password for each service without having to remember all passwords.

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