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Video libraries with Bunny.net

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Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/3c0
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While other people get excited about new Apple devices, I get excited about new features of online services or tools that I use. 😆

For example, Bunny.net (formerly BunnyCDN) has a new feature (in preview) that I think is really cool: video libraries.

All I have to do is upload a video file in the dashboard and Bunny converts the video to the appropriate resolutions and formats. There is also a player that can even be embedded.

A screenshot of the dashboard

If it would then also be possible to use your own domain for the videos, I would even consider to start publishing videos. YouTube is a silo and alternatives like PeerTube are complicated to self-host. But BunnyCDN offers a cheap alternative.

And there’s one important feature I’m also missing: the ability to download the original video again. But the video function is only a preview, so see what’s still to come.

In any case, Bunny.net’s innovation is impressive.

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