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Private diary blogging?

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I have tried this journal writing already more than once, but after quite a short time always stopped again, mostly just because it was too much effort and I did not persevere.

But writing a diary is something good, I think. Just today I talked to my grandma on the phone, who has been writing a diary for many years. She often said that she was able to look up some things in her diary. For example, when was the last time there was so much snow as a few weeks ago. That got me thinking.

I do blog quite a bit, especially since last year, since I’ve been using my own blogging software, it’s become even more and it’s also a lot of fun. But I can’t write about everything online, neither on my English blog, nor on my German blog. Some things are just private or really don’t interest anyone else.

While taking a shower, the thought of writing a diary came back to my mind and the idea that I could maybe just add a private mode to my blog software GoBlog and then just use the same software to write a diary, then both via any device in the browser, but also via Micropub with an app from my phone. This would be more or less a private diary blog.

I blog a lot because the effort to create a new post is low. Maybe that works with the diary writing as well.

In addition to that, the search feature would allow searching the entries and I could also attach pictures or other media to my diary entries.

Then I would use the same software not only for my blogs and my homepage, but also for journaling. Dogfooding at its best.

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